Small Nation, Smart Nation


Way to Smart Sustainable Cities

Singapore responded to turn the country into the ‘Smart Nation', by including the latest technologies and joining the next generation and also sensor networks. To reach its target it encouraged worldwide entrepreneurs to advantage Singapore's smart nation framework and asked to utilize the nation as a ‘lively lab' to exhibit their ideas and solutions to test the national potential with global potential. In this scenario, the Singapore started its initiative late in 2014, aiming to improve the standards of its residents.

The executive deputy chairman of the IDA (Infocomm Development Authority), who oversees the innovative development program informed that the development program involves bringing the ranked universities and improving medical facilities and it also includes all the government and private sectors by using latest technologies, and improving better standards by increasing business and job opportunities. GovTech and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) are formed as a result of a re-structuring between the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and the Media Development Authority (MDA).
Why Singapore aimed to turn into Smart City?
What made the Singapore nation to drive into new direction? The answer for this is, the changing trends in the nation and anticipated their impact on the nation, and decided to act according to the situations. Despite, the nation is facing many challenges like ageing population and urban density, and their extensive impact on health, transportation and other resources. The deputy chairman also stated that the Smart Nation framework includes experts from all fields like engineers, artists, scientists, and many deserving personalities to handle the challenges. In this connection, Singapore already initiated in Smart Nation strides by creating the necessary infrastructure which could flourish in the future.
Glance at future
Singapore's Smart Nation is starting to acquire in public sponsors and expanded its areas into different fields like traffic movements to air purity. This in return enables the government agencies to make a fast move and provide the best citizen services. Minister for communication and Information informed that if Nationwide Broadband Network will cover the wired connections, in the private sectors, whereas the Smart Nation Platform will cover the public areas. He expressed his view that this is possible if the public agencies have a collaboration with private agencies. The main components of the Smart Nation Platform were under the Infocomm Media, which is under control by private sector involving many government agencies. The common creation of both private and public agencies may gather the best ideas which may help for further development. One important strategy which is going to be launched by the economy is, boosting its economic aggressiveness in international trade. In connection to this the Infocomm Media Masterplan investigates the Smart Logistics which will be benefited by the internet technology, where there is real time active visibility and can improve the business capabilities. This may lessen the risk factors and reduce insurance coverage, where there is a complete change in the entire supply chain. One more innovative step the Smart Nation Masterplan is going to take in the Transport field, the agency decided to install AG (Aggregation Gateway) boxes which are built by the private sectors in collaboration with the government agencies are now going to replace by installation of cameras on the road, which needs a power cable. The installation of power cables takes time and money and manpower and disturbs the traffic. To overcome all the problems, the Smart Nation is planning to install the AG boxes. Here's a link to some Smart Nation videos on YouTube.
The Research stated that there is a wide range of improvement in the economies that are having latest technology as their foundation. To aim the Smart Nation, the economy needs talented people who can use the technology to increase the standards of the people with their talent. Singapore universities play an important role in improving the skills of their students with technological knowledge, to acquire this they designed many programs and are going to support the economy in future. Economy developers expressed that having support of young and dynamic people, well-developed innovative technologies, literate and robust economy can build a Smart Nation very easily. 
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