Japanese successful business people


Factors that make Japanese successful business people
japanese businessman hiroshi mikitani Japan's economic growth has been characterised by many different aspects. Foremost among these are a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit, and a willingness to firmly grasp technological innovations. It can also be said that as well as the complex factors driving business success in Japan, there are fundamental aspects to the Japanese character that lend themselves to strong achievement in the marketplace.
Amongst several national traits, one aspect of longstanding cultural significance is shame. Failure is often accepted as part and parcel of the business world in the West; in Japan it is far less likely to be treated so matter-of-factly. In medieval times, samurai warriors would commit ritual suicide rather than accept defeat in battle. While no-one would be expected to go to such extremes in the civilized 21st century, for many entrepreneurs success is an overwhelming driving force. Achieving less is still regarded as anathema in a wide range of circles, from bankers to politicians. This sense of always striving for the optimum results manifests in various other ways. The Japanese business person is far more likely to be focused on the most beneficial outcome for all concerned, with teamwork rather than individual success being a very strong priority.
Another national characteristic is to hanker for simpler times. For all the sophisticated urban hustle and bustle permeating Japanese society, many people observe more sparing and contemplative attitudes. Shoppers, for instance, are particularly keen on seeking out bargains. For all the shiny state-of-the-art computer equipment and mobile devices surrounding consumers, simplicity is still highly valued. Many shoppers are keen to seek out bargains and will hang around supermarkets near closing time, appreciating there will be big reductions.
This sense of austerity can be invaluable when it comes to business. Unlike some Western entrepreneurs who thrive on the unpredictability of the markets, their Japanese counterparts are far more likely to display caution, ultimately reaping the benefits of astute business decisions rather than spur of the moment reactions.
Japan is also characterised by its extremely hard working employees. The average worker toils for far longer hours than those in the USA, the UK or Germany. Officials at car plants in Japan are proud to boast that their teams can turn over a brand-new car in nine days, compared to the same vehicle taking well over a month to produce overseas.

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