Highly Popular Business Start Ups in Japan


business in japan

For those with an entrepreneurial kick in them, you may visit Japan's entrepreneurial websites for some business ideas that are well received among the foreign population staying in Japan. They may not guarantee overnight fortune that will propel your net worth to astronomical zone. The enterprises may not even be sufficient for paying the bills. However, if you have the drive and dedication, small start-ups have unlimited growth potential to morph into a giant cash machine for the owners.

First business on the list to start is import as well as export or international trading. Japan seems to have it all and is a well know shopping haven. Name a good and you can find it at your nearest mall. However there is a market segment for marketing international goods to locals. These products may just be the one that Japanese has been looking for but could not get their hands on. Foreigners have taken the import as well as export business by storm by shipping in and out food, delicacies, clothing, cars and niche machineries. Next on the list is launching a restaurant. Japanese has cravings for international cuisines as well and it is one of the relatively easy businesses to manage. You can open a restaurant serving Indian curry or American burgers and there are no shortages of similar restaurants sprouting up in big cities. Expat segments are also a key target market and this has created employment opportunities for foreign labor.
Next up is launching travel agencies. Being a foreigner in Japan, the privilege of traveling freely is essential and there are times where you need to travel out of the country frequently. An emergency back home is usually one of the main reasons for booking the next flight back home. There is a tremendous market for retailing more affordable year round tickets unlike those offered by travel agents in Japan where tickets are usually marketed to travellers who take up package tours. Small scale companies in system engineering can be a business of choice if you have the skills. IT skills and labor is high in demand where big corporations like Panasonic are always on the lookout for talent. For those who dislike bureaucracy from a dull corporate environment, there are no shortages of IT engineering contracts for all independent contractors to bid for. It is definitely a market worth exploring.
Entrepreneurs can consider launching language schools. Many foreigners are looking for structured classes to enhance their grasp of Japanese language or any foreign language they intend to master. Classes that are popular and gifted teachers can venture out by starting small and slowly increasing scale.Another business segment worth exploring is sale of electronics. You can set up a venture dedicated for assisting in electronics installation and earn a small fee for your service. There are demands for this kind of service.
Another area of business is in the translation segment. There are countless different unique business languages and there will always be a need for translating technical documents in law or accounting. Acupuncture services that have remedial benefits to one's health are gaining traction and many have gotten into the game by helping people stay healthy while being remunerated financially. If you have the writing skills, one can consider opening up a publishing house by sourcing for creative writers and marketing their books to the local audience.
Last but not least, dancing is becoming a social norm and dance schools are increasingly popular. One can consider providing dance lessons, similar to language lesson by slowly building up a small client base before scaling up.


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